Shy Girls – Xhampagne (ft. Antwon)

Some girls are just only in it for the champagne, you know? Featuring a verse from San Jose rapper Antwon, Xhampagne is a startlingly emotional tale about a shallow girl whose “only in it for the champagne.”


NoMBe – California Girls

There’s a layer of cool to his music that is very apparent, and toward the end of this track in particular when he sees its production go off on a explosive tangent, you’re going to find yourself magnetized.


Childish Gambino – Retro

What's there to say? Just listen to this track. There's no option but to include it here. It might be a little more well known than the other songs on this site, but my god, what a sick song.


OnCue – Angry Young Man

Just one more cigaretteeee... Alright, one more OnCue song. This dude. Man, Im surprised he isnt more popular than he is (he does have a ton of devout listerns, dont get me wrong). Id like to see this guy get everything he wants. Great music.