Cannons – Evening Star

Evening Star by Cannons features dreamy vocals, glassy synths, and some subtle guitar licks just for that extra icing on the cake in case you like your tracks extra sweet.


Autograf – Dream

The song opens with a spacey wood xylophone melody the quickly moves into some smooth male vocals which eventually leads to some piano fueled drops. The song will take you away into a dream and have you not wanting it to end. If this is any indication of what other future original material from Autograf will sound like, we are in for a treat.


AQUILO – Better Off Without You

As evidenced on their new track “Better Off Without You,” Aquilo has honed their own brand of downtempo electronica, bringing in soulful elements of R&B for good measure. As you might expect from this band, it’s a stunning track.


Eli & Fur – You're So High

These two girls blow me away. Give it a minute and let the beat hit, every time I listen to it I get a big grin on my face. I must have heard it 50 times and it never gets old.