Human Movement – Stranger

Human Movement pump a raw, warehouse-y industrial backbone as the most recognizable fuel for “Stranger”, encasing that aesthetic through an underground House structure while furthering a pop sensibility.


Cannons – Evening Star

Evening Star by Cannons features dreamy vocals, glassy synths, and some subtle guitar licks just for that extra icing on the cake in case you like your tracks extra sweet.


Rationale – Fast Lane

Rationale will hook you with hypnotically chilled out vocals on his new single "Fast Lane". Tagging it "music to travel to", he isn't wrong, the lyrics literally call out to revving through the fast lane.


Roosevelt – Night Moves

This guy.. So often I find myself consumed by a song only to find that Roosevelt sprinkled his skill all over it. This song is electric with a perfect danceable beat, and of course those silky vocals.


Speaker of the House – Modern Slang

If I could pick the perfect name for a House music producer, this would be it. And the music lives up to the quality of the name. Intricate beat with brilliant contrasting elements. Pool party music.


Astronomyy – Drivin Me Crazy

This isn't as new as most of the songs here, but it's so, so good. It's an emotional yet complex work of art. Filled with intricate atmospherics and signature spine tingling guitar lines, "Drivin Me Crazy" is a great reason to jump aboard the Astronomyy boat.


Max Frost – Let Me Down Easy

The man says it best himself: "You get a feeling when someone's about to give you bad news. It's almost like you know it before they say it. Sometimes it's a breakup. Sometimes it's that someone is very sick. There's a fraction of a second where you can predict what you're about to be told and you don't want to face it. This song is about that moment."


Klyne – Break Away

Beginning with nothing more than a jungle-style drum beat beneath some smooth vocals, and yet the vibe conveyed is totally unique and utterly captivating.


Refs – Pain Goes Away

The intro to his track here starts out relatively low-key, but soon enough, we’re introduced to a voice that not only has some awesome low-end grit to it, but a range that takes you completely by surprise.


Shy Girls – Xhampagne (ft. Antwon)

Some girls are just only in it for the champagne, you know? Featuring a verse from San Jose rapper Antwon, Xhampagne is a startlingly emotional tale about a shallow girl whose “only in it for the champagne.”


Autograf – Dream

The song opens with a spacey wood xylophone melody the quickly moves into some smooth male vocals which eventually leads to some piano fueled drops. The song will take you away into a dream and have you not wanting it to end. If this is any indication of what other future original material from Autograf will sound like, we are in for a treat.


LEISURE – Got It Bad

Soaring summery psyche-rock vibes on their debut “Got It Bad”, keep your eyes on these guys from New Zealand. I'd like to hear these guys live at a festival.


Zero 7 – Don't Call It Love

Infectious. Make sure you give yourself a few listens to get into this one, because once it grows on you, it’s going to be one of those songs you listen to 10 times a day.


Leo Kalyan – Stranger

Leo Kalyan’s latest Shift K3y co-produced track “Stranger” comes off as a sexy R&B song but the hook is catchy enough to give it some pop potential. The beat is smooth but also has just enough kick from the bass to really grab your attention.


NoMBe – California Girls

There’s a layer of cool to his music that is very apparent, and toward the end of this track in particular when he sees its production go off on a explosive tangent, you’re going to find yourself magnetized.


Movement – US

Alright.. Candidate for sexiest song ever? Sydney trio Movement inhabit a shadowy subspace where R&B and dance music begin to blur together and blend. Their new single on Modular, "Us", transcends standard lyrical lecherousness, advancing onto more troubling terrain.


Croquet Club – Jacuzzi

Very possibly one of my favorite build ups in any song I've ever heard. At 1:58 it all comes together. "Jacuzzi", the lead track, has an energetic build up from its slo-mo beginning and is melodically infectious.


AQUILO – Better Off Without You

As evidenced on their new track “Better Off Without You,” Aquilo has honed their own brand of downtempo electronica, bringing in soulful elements of R&B for good measure. As you might expect from this band, it’s a stunning track.